Startup Survival Podcast

Episode 3.12 - Billionaire Guilt

June 26, 2022 Peter Harrington Season 3 Episode 12
Startup Survival Podcast
Episode 3.12 - Billionaire Guilt
Show Notes

How does a billionaire entrepreneur view the world? How do they feel about the wealth they’ve generated, the people with whom they’ve worked and the family that has journeyed with them?

Honest and frank with thoughts and feelings from start to finish, listen to the quite remarkable Gregory Shepard. Tune into his story and journey – from poverty to wealth, from struggle to challenge, from failure to success and from dying twice to an extraordinary life. For any startup seeking to learn from others and appreciate the value of entrepreneurship emotion, Gregory’s profound yet humble reflections, philosophy, ethics, philanthropy and proven business practices make for essential listening.

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Gregory Shepard is a 20-year startup veteran and serial entrepreneur who has many qualities including autism, dyslexia and a range of unique processing methods (also referred to as disorders). He sold some of his business interests for $925M back in 2016. A TEDX speaker, Gregory is also a founder at BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate that invests in tech startups. Gregory also co-founded BOSSStartupScience an open source learning centre created to help entrepreneurs survive and thrive.

A bit of podcast author background...

UK-based Peter Harrington set up his first business following graduation in York in 1989. He has since started and grown several companies in various sectors including research, marketing, design, print, educational software and consultancy. Over the last 30+ years, Peter has employed over 1,000 people and experienced many highs and a few lows including burglaries, floods, fire and of course the most recent pandemic.

As well as being the CEO with the SimVenture team, Peter is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at London South Bank University.

Big thanks to LSE Generate, the SimVenture Team and Seajam Moths for supporting the Startup Survival Podcast.

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